Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 7&8

          "I had a history of not responding well to lousy or pernicious administration, and though I tried to tell myself that she was the boss, and I would have to obey her instructions, I would be goddamned if she was going to turn me into a overseer instead of a teacher." This quote stood out to me because it shows that Conroy does not appreciate how Mrs. Brown talks to him just because she is the principal now. 

          These chapters really convey Mrs. Browns demeanor entirely. I could tell that Conroy was trying to give Mrs. Brown the benefit of the doubt about her actions and words. Once Conroy saw how Mrs. Brown responded to the bed wetting situation, Conroy’s benefit of the doubt attitude went out the window. He could see Mrs. Browns true colors shine like silver in the sun. She was not looking out for the benefit of the students in the school, she was doing what she thought was right. She only took her opinions and knowledge in account and not Conroy’s. As soon as Mrs. Brown became principal of the school once again, she became even more ridiculous. She was did not give Conroy suggestions anymore, yet she threw out commands to Conroy. She scolds Conroy for everything and takes her power to the head.
         When Conroy leaves to go drop off the envelop to the school board, Mrs. Brown comes into see what activities Conroy has left for the students. He leaves the students magazines to cut out pictures from to make a collage. Some of the students put up pictures of Pablo Picassos artwork. The artwork was of naked women and Mrs. Brown thought that Conroy was way out of line. Conroy simply explained that, yes the pictures were of naked women, but it shows the art form of different artists. I think that the people of Yamacraw are so narrow minded and ignorant because they are not cultured with things outside of the island. Conroy is trying to show them culture outside of the island because they are not given the opportunity to do this ever. Mrs. Brown takes Conroy’s strategies and manipulates them into him doing something wrong. If Mrs. Brown had come up in my face and started yelling, like she did with Conroy, I do not think that I would have kept my cool. Conroy is very patient with Mrs. Brown and his students and that is an attribute that I hope I can learn as I become a teacher. 

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