Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 2-3

I could only imagine not being able to read or write. After reading chapter two and three I can only appreciate the education that was able to me. The students that Conroy teaches are not fortunate enough to have the educational opportunities that I was given. Honestly, I feel that the students were cheated and that it was not fair in any way. Conroy saw light in the situation though. He knew that he had to do something for these kids and he knew that it was going to be easy, yet he took on the task. Conroy took his knowledge and used it in an unconventional way to help spark the energy in his students. Although Mrs. Brown did not agree to the way Conroy started teaching his students it defiantly worked. He began by teaching them about music by playing records from the fifties and teaching them about the music and artist. The students had books and a library but how could they utilize their resources if they did not even know how to use them (read.)  Conroy does not care that he is not teaching to basic essential subjects as long as the students are learning from what he is doing. I have most upright respect for Conroy because you can honestly feel his passion for teaching with each word I read in his novel. I feel that I can relate to him because I feel so happy when the students I help during field experience learn something from me. It is like the light bulb in their head sends me positive energy when it goes off. It is pure joy that children bring when they smile after learning. I know teaching is my calling because it is one of the only truly pure experiences that bring me happiness. I think that Conroy’s way of teaching is one that I want take on with structure of course from the North Carolina standards. He uses things such as the news to integrate into lessons to help teach the students common knowledge and world news. “I then told them that they had to look upon themselves in a different light, that they had to be convinced of their basic worth, and that they could learn just as fast as anyone else”. This quote was so inspirational and very true. Conroy truly believed in his students. 

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  1. It's good to hear your field experience is off to a good start. Too often, I hear people are not having that kind of connection. Of course, it sounds like you're OPEN to it, not just looking at it as a requirement. That's key. I'm glad you're enjoying the book and relating it to your experiences!