Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapters 9&10

"Gang, as your teacher, as the person responsible for stuffing knowledge into your porous little brains, I am ordering you to believe that those men are going to the moon" 
I like this quote because Conroy is explaining to the kids that things are possible. They think that the moon is too far away to go to. It kind of relates to the children of Yamacraw having big dreams for their future. 

Chapter nine was very influential as a teacher. I think that we as teachers must be able to think like a child/student. A teacher needs to know how to create lessons and activities that students will learn from but also enjoy. I think that Conroy displays this a lot throughout his book. He does not teach by the book of from the book which many teachers seem to do. He does not cut corners with teacher and puts his whole heart into teacher his students. I feel as though some teachers do not have the passion for teacher which is almost necessary in order for students to learn the most they can. Chapter nine and ten show how passionate Conroy is as a teacher. He allows his students to sleepover at his personal home which shows that he truly cares for his students. He comforts some of his students during the sleepover because they are scared of ghost. He knows how to work with children and make them turn their fears into laughter, which is awesome. It was cool to hear about the Yamacraw people having a fear for ghost. I know that it is common with most cultures but it is more of a major deal in Yamacraw. I wish I could find a man like Conroy around Pembroke. I think that he is one of the most compassionate people I have ever read about. Conroy is an also an exceptional teacher because he takes his students on many field trips, which is what the children of Yamacraw need. Conroy lets them experience things that on the island they cannot do. I think meeting people such as famous basketball stars can really help influence his student’s dreams for the future. Conroy gives hope for the children of Yamacraw to get off the island and do whatever they dream to do. I hope to be half as good of a teacher as Conroy. 


  1. This is a very good quote! As long as any child puts their mind to something, they can achieve anything. I have believed that for as long as I can remember. Teachers are a big part of a student's learning environment. They can influence a child and help them make good decisions in their life ahead of them. I know from personal experience how much a teacher can influence a student. My past teachers are one reason why I wanted to become a teacher. The way they treated their students and showed them how much they really cared for them is one of the many reasons why I decided to become a teacher.

  2. I really liked the quote you choose. Like you said it has a double meaning, although he is talking about a man going to the moon the point is they don’t think he will make it just as they don’t think they can leave Yamacraw and become successful in life. This is one thing I felt Conroy was successful at, teaching the students that their dreams can become reality. I liked what you said about the book helping future teachers. It does teach us that there is so much more at stack then a child making a’s. Children are like gardens if you love them and treat them like you should they will grow to produce a beautiful harvest, but if you mistreat them and neglect them they may grow but they will never become all they were meant to be. I think Pat Conroy changed these children’s and other’s lives in Yamacraw. He did more then taught he showed the children love first and foremost.